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GACE Agricultural Education Test

The GACE Agricultural Education Test is actually two different tests. Each test contains 60 multiple-choice questions, which count for 80 percent of the score, and two questions requiring a written response, which count for 20 percent of the score.

Categories covered on the first test are agriculture, mechanics and technology in agriculture, economics, marketing and business management in agriculture, and agricultural education.

Subcategories include such topics as the basics of agricultural science, the role of the FFA (Future Farmers of America) in education, agricultural career development, and sales, marketing, and business management in agriculture, as well as construction, fabrication, and basic power systems in agriculture.

The second test is more science based, focusing on plant, animal, and environmental sciences, forestry, and managing natural resources. This test covers subjects including anatomy, physiology, genetics and classification of plants and animals, soil science, crop management and production, nursery production and floriculture, ecology, and foundations of forestry. Both tests must be completed in four hours. Tests are scored between 100 and 300, with a score 220 required for passing.

GACE Agricultural Education Test Practice Questions

GACE Agricultural Education Test Practice Questions

GACE Agricultural Education Test Answer Key

Last Updated: 06/14/2014