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GACE Art Education Test

The GACE Art Education Test is a two-part exam. Both parts are similarly structured, consisting of 60 multiple-choice questions (accounting for 80 percent of the score) and two written-response questions that account for the remaining 20 percent. Both tests must be finished in no more than four hours, and the minimum passing score is 220 on a scale of 100 to 300.

The first section of the test covers the more practical side of art education, such as specific skills, knowledge, and the interplay between the two. The use of specific tools and technologies in drawing, sculpting, painting, photography, etc., is covered, as is how the study of art makes one a better person, and art's impact on society. The second section is more theoretical, testing for knowledge of the principles of aesthetics, art analysis, and art history, as well as familiarity with art from all over the world and different time periods.

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Last Updated: 06/14/2014