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GACE Basic Skills Test

The GACE Basic Skills Test has three parts: reading, math, and writing. The reading portion contains 42 multiple-choice questions on vocabulary, reading comprehension, and critical thinking. The math portion contains 48 multiple-choice questions on such topics as number properties and operations, measurement concepts, statistics, data analysis, and problem solving.

The writing portion is 42 multiple-choice questions in addition to a written essay. On this part, the essay counts for 40 percent of the score and the questions for 60 percent. The questions cover topics like correct grammar, proper style, crafting effective sentences, word meanings, etc. The test taker has only have four hours to complete all three parts of the test. The GACE Basic Skills Test is scored on a scale of 100 to 300, with 220 being the lowest passing score. Failure to pass the test will cause the test taker to be denied certification.

GACE Basic Skills Test Practice Questions

GACE Basic Skills Test Practice Questions

GACE Basic Skills Test Answer Key

Last Updated: 06/14/2014