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GACE Family and Consumer Sciences Education Test

The GACE Family and Consumer Sciences Education Test is an exam used by the state of Georgia to certify teachers in this subject matter, which at a dwindling number of more traditional schools is still known as home economics. Any prospective teacher who fails the test will not be allowed to teach the subject in Georgia public schools.

It is actually broken up into two tests, which must be completed on the same day and within a four-hour period. The format of each exam is identical: 60 multiple-choice questions and two questions requiring written responses. Eighty percent of the test score is based on the multiple-choice questions, while the other 20 percent depends on the written answers, which are read and graded by judges.

Test A is more about family dynamics and running a household, while Test B has more of an outward focus, with questions about career planning, textiles, consumer economics, etc.

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Last Updated: 06/14/2014