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There are plenty of resources to help you find a teaching job in Georgia. One of the most important is Teach Georgia (, the official state source of job postings for open teaching positions. You can find more online sites that offer access to job postings around the state on our online resource page.

Supplement your search through employment listings with a visit to one or two of the state’s more active educational associations, such as the Georgia Association of Educators ( or the Professional Association of Georgia Educators ( By networking with other Georgia teachers, you can learn about the job prospects for different parts of the state and better target your search to certain areas.

One you’re called for an initial interview, show up prepared. Take an extra résumé and portfolio, so you can show employers you can create effective lesson plans, unit studies, and tests. This is especially important if you have little classroom experience. Be ready, too, to discuss how you would approach the subject you would teach and accommodate special needs students.

At the end of the interview, ask about the timeframe for hiring. Follow up after a week or two if you haven’t heard back from the school, but avoid contacting the interviewer on Mondays. Most people use that day to catch up on office work, and you don’t want your message to get eclipsed by more pressing inquiries.

Above all, don’t be discouraged if it takes several interviews to get your first teaching job. Most teachers interview with several schools before they are offered a position.

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Last Updated: 06/14/2014