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GACE Middle Grades Reading Test

Here is a basic synopsis of the GACE Middle Grades Reading Test, which is a requirement for anyone hoping to teach middle grades reading in a Georgia public school system. The exam covers general reading, reading literature, and reading across the curriculum, as well as comprehension and assessment. There are two kinds of questions on the exam. Sixty questions are in multiple-choice format, and the number of right answers counts for 80 percent of the total score. There are also two written-response questions that are graded by judges and make up the final 20 percent of the score.

The minimum passing score is 220 on a scoring scale of 100 to 300. Anything less will prevent a potential teacher from being certified in this subject. There is also a time limit of four hours for the GACE Middle Grades Reading Test.

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Last Updated: 06/14/2014