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GACE Music Test

Do you want to teach music in a Georgia public school system? If so, you'll have to pass the GACE Music Test. Here is a brief overview of what you need to know about it. The GACE Music Test consists of two exams that must be completed in four hours. The first exam covers music theory, music creation, and aural skills. The second exam focuses on music performance, the history of music, music in culture, and functions and relationships of music in the context of other arts. As far as format is concerned, both tests are identical: each is made up of 60 selected-response (multiple-choice) questions and two additional questions that require a constructed (written) response. Eighty percent of the total test score is determined by the multiple-choice sections, with the written-response section making up the remainder. On the scoring scale of 100 to 300, the prospective teacher must earn at least a 220 in order to pass the GACE Music Test.

GACE Music Test Practice Questions

GACE Music Test Practice Questions

GACE Music Test Answer Key

Last Updated: 06/14/2014