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GACE Physics Test

Here is a brief overview of the GACE Physics Test for anyone who may be taking it in the near future. It is actually a two-part test, not a single exam. Both tests must be taken back to back on the same day, and the total time allotted for completing both exams is four hours. The first exam is more foundational, with questions on thermal energy, mechanics, and waves. The second exam tests for concepts such as magnetism, electricity, the characteristics of science, and atomic physics. Identical formats are employed on both tests. Each exam offers 30 multiple-choice questions, which account for 90 percent of the final score, as well as one question demanding a written response, which accounts for the remaining 10 percent of the score. The scoring scale runs from 100 to 300, and in order to pass the GACE Physics Test and qualify for certification, a test taker must score at least 220.

GACE Physics Test Practice Questions

GACE Physics Test Practice Questions

GACE Physics Test Answer Key

Last Updated: 06/14/2014