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GACE Practice

If you are preparing to undertake serious GACE practice, you'll be most successful by first considering the best ways in which you learn. The most valuable type of preparation for one individual may not be so helpful to another. Knowing your personal learning style and how your review time must be organized with consideration to your family, your job, and your lifestyle is key. Whether you prefer using a physical book, study guide, flashcards, online documents working with a study group, face-to-face instruction, or a combination, plan to review a substantial number of practice test questions. These test questions are essential for every kind of learning style. We want you to succeed. For this reason, we're offering a number of free GACE practice test questions to help you get started.

Some test applicants like the step-by-step organization of a physical book or study guide. Reviewing a chapter at a time, scribbling notes in the margins or on sticky notes might be your preferred form of test preparation. On the other hand, if you've grown up with computers, you might think textbooks are unwieldy and outdated. If so, you probably prefer downloading review materials and working directly on a computer. If there are several important things demanding your attention daily, such as work commitments, a spouse, kids, and other obligations, you'll need to avoid a test preparation nightmare. In this case, consider using GACE practice flashcards you can pull out whenever you've got a spare moment. Enlist the support of your kids or spouse by asking them to test you using flashcards. They'll be happy to be involved, and this gives them a true opportunity to support your efforts by helping you study.

Kids know what it's like to study for a test. Asking yours to grade your responses to your free practice test questions is another way to ensure their support. For that matter, if you learn best with a group of other students, you can also use flashcards and the free GACE practice questions with your study group.

Regardless of your learning style, many high-quality materials are available to help you succeed in passing the GACE!

Last Updated: 06/14/2014