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GACE Reading Test

The GACE Reading Test is a two-part, four-hour exam consisting of both multiple-choice and constructed-response questions. It is used by the state of Georgia to ensure that applicants are truly qualified to teach reading in a Georgia public school. The test is scored on a scale from 100 to a possible perfect score of 300.

In order to pass and qualify for certification, the test taker needs to score at least 220. On the first test, topics include reading assessment, reading development, and foundations of reading development. Subjects covered on the second exam include reading, literature, comprehension, and reading across the curriculum. Each exam features 60 multiple-choice questions. These account for 80 percent of the test taker's grade. The other 20 percent is based on answers to two written-response questions on each test.

GACE Reading Test Practice Questions

GACE Reading Test Practice Questions

GACE Reading Test Answer Key

Last Updated: 06/14/2014